What day do you live in ? What time is it ?

Why do you listen to this  ?

Because in my sleeping night you

May be lunch? And today is Saturday

But is your area Friday?

Is there a time difference?

So you send the same email many times?

I was in my area at 6pm

A while ago, is it probably my expectation?

Is it midnight?

But besides your work email
Someone who makes me very positive
Thank you for the cheerful and sweet

What did you buy in the rain?

This is it

Wow !

Who is so sweet that it will melt?

Isn't it me? It's ice cream

Anyone who understands my story should know?
Have you already slept?

Or dawn? Is your area Saturday?
Your spirit makes me positive
I like living more positively, you too?

Have a good day !

written by justicepooh