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Here are 10 of our favourites.

Black and Decker 3 in 1 Air Conditioning Unit Black and Decker 3 in 1 Air Conditioning UnitThe unit is super quiet (just 53db at low speed, similar to a refrigerator) with a silent compressor for night use.

The Black and Decker air-conditioning unit has a fan and dehumidifier and boasts a powerful, refrigerated, eco-friendly R290 cooler.

Our Price £529.00 Deeplink: Simon King Robin Nester - Brushwood Simon King Robin Nester - BrushwoodTraditionally Robin nest boxes are open fronted.

Wildlife presenter Simon King's brushwood finish design has an open reception area and hidden nest space, provides an easily hidden, beneficial habitat, and is an attractive garden feature.

Our Price £16.95 Deeplink: Bark Stop Ultrasonic Dog Collar Bark Stop Ultrasonic Dog CollarThis ultrasonic dog collar is a humane, low-cost solution to stop your dog's barking upsetting your neighbours.

Bark Stop is a simple electronic device that releases safe, ultrasound waves whenever your dog barks.

Our Price £16.95 Deeplink: Floral Reading Glasses Floral Reading GlassesFabulously fashionable and affordable floral-framed reading glasses.

Choose from six lens strengths for optimum reading comfort: 1.25, 1.5, 2.00, 2.5, 3.00 and 3.5 dioptres.

Our Price £14.95 Deeplink: Set of 2 Artificial Hanging Baskets Set of 2 Artificial Hanging BasketsOur artificial floral baskets give instant colour and beauty to your porch, veranda, entranceway and patio.

With rope handles, they simply attach to your porchway, veranda, branch or bracket.

Best of all, they're sun and weather-resistant, staying in full bloom all year round, even after you're back from a long holiday.

Our Price £24.95 Deeplink: Swan Retro-style Mini Fridge Swan Retro-style Mini FridgeOur retro mini fridge, by Swan, has a softly curved silhouette and chills your drinks and food to 16°C below ambient temperature.

The mini fridge runs off the mains and the included car adaptor.

Our Price £129.95 Deeplink: Rechargeable Dual Fan Rechargeable Dual FanThis cordless dual fan is such a great idea! No trailing power leads, this hands-free fan is totally portable.

Take it with you to keep cool at work, at the gym, out shopping or just sitting in the sun.

Our Price £19.95 Deeplink: 1950's Retro Style Portable FM/MW/LW Radio 1950's Retro Style Portable FM/MW/LW RadioThis retro-style portable radio harks back to the 1950s.

Although it's based on an appealing Bakelite original, this model is bang up to date.

The radio is finished with a chic, matt rubber finish in a choice of five muted shades.

Our Price £49.95 Deeplink: Tabletop Ironing Mat Tabletop Ironing MatThis ironing mat saves struggling to get out and put up a cumbersome ironing board.

This ironing mat is just the job if you've only one or two items to press.

It's quilted and heat resistant so you won't damage your table or work top.

Our Price £12.95 Deeplink: Pet Hair Remover Pet Hair RemoverThis pet hair remover works wonders on stray animal hairs.

Simply brush the rubber edge across the surface and even stubborn pet hairs that a vacuum won’t budge are removed easily.

Our Price £14.95 Deeplink: