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New To Expert Verdict - Vitality Air Oxygen in a Can

We breathe because we need oxygen to survive, but normal outdoor air only contains about 18-20% oxygen. If you work out, over-exert or sometimes feel ‘out of breath’, that’s where canned oxygen kicks in. Using this highly purified oxygen will help you get your breath back quicker, and has long been used by athletes for natural, safe and fast recovery.

Vitality Air is oxygen extracted from the pure air of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, and is ideal for athletes, recovering smokers and anyone looking for a quick health boost. What's more we have 3 for the price of 2 on this product in our current offer - hurry, while stock lasts!

Vitality Air Oxygen in a Can - 10 Litres

Vitality Air Oxygen in a Can - 10 Litres
Our Price £29.95