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Below we have put together some of our favourite British innovation products. Shop the collection here while stock lasts, with free delivery on all orders over £75.

RAC Cataclean (475ml)

RAC Cataclean (475ml)Developed to avoid expensive repairs and parts replacements, RAC Cataclean is a complete fuel system service in a bottle which improves fuel consumption, and reduces smoke emissions by up to 60%.
Our Price £22.95

Extra-Large One Kilo Mighty Pillow

Extra-Large One Kilo Mighty PillowIf you sleep on your side or back, you need the Mighty Pillow, which gives you extra loft to keep your head and spine aligned. It’s a sensible alternative to using two pillows, which can put too much strain on your neck.
Our Price £16.95

Grout Magic - 2

Grout Magic - 2Grout Magic is the easy way to revive old, discoloured or mildew-stained grout. Simply draw the wide fibre tip along the grout line to leave a brilliant white finish. Wipe away excess. Also waterproofs your grout, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew and prevents future discolouration.
Our Price £12.95

Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2

Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2Remove unsightly dirt and stains from your carpet the professional way with this effective dry cleaning powder. Manufactured in the UK to the same formula used by floor cleaning companies in hotels and airports, it produces excellent results without any risk of damaging your carpets.
Our Price £17.95

Natures Living Superfood - 150g

Natures Living Superfood - 150gThe blend has been designed to support everyone’s daily nutritional needs, and is made exclusively from plant-based, whole food ingredients along with probiotics and enzymes to support digestive health. Simply add ½-1 teaspoonful daily to your favourite juice/smoothie or sprinkle over food.
Our Price £29.95

Bella Brighton Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitener

Bella Brighton Charcoal Powder Teeth WhitenerThe natural way to clean and whiten your teeth, with hyaluronic acid, MSM and coenzyme Q10.
Our Price £12.95

Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick

Flexyfoot Folding Walking StickThe springy, flexible ferrule increases grip on all types of terrain, automatically angling to cope with uneven surfaces. It also puts a spring back in your step, absorbing shock to reduce any painful impact on your joints.
Our Price £44.95

DermaCura Rejuvaderm Cream 100ml

DermaCura Rejuvaderm Cream 100mlWorking alongside the Intensive Spray (available separately), DermaCura Rejuvaderm Cream is an intensive skin repair moisturising cream that treats seriously dry, damaged or cracked skin conditions.
Our Price £24.95

Hideaway Guest Bed

Hideaway Guest BedThis super-slim bed is just 10cm deep when folded, so you can slide it away under a regular bed or stow it in a cupboard. When needed, it folds out into a surprisingly comfortable bed with a high-quality sprung base and breathable Airflow Fibre mattress.
Our Price £89.95

Inclined Reflex Foam Mattress Topper

Inclined Reflex Foam Mattress TopperAn inclined sleeping position has been proven to help relieve sinus congestion, snoring, indigestion and heartburn. This gently sloping double mattress topper is angled to elevate your upper body, helping to avoid the flat sleeping position that can contribute to digestive problems and blocked sinuses
Our Price £129.95